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Shannon is AWESOME!  I was thrilled to have her as our "Re-Wedding" photographer.   She has the ability to be an absolute professional while having a good time with you and your guests.  
Her photos showed us 'as we are' and that was really important to us. We weren't looking for canned, posed shots.  We wanted the pictures to capture the joy and fun of the day.  
Our families were not easy to corral but she made it look like it was effortless, she got everyone to feel comfortable and even managed to get my 5 year old nephew (ringb bearer) to enjoy himself when he looked like he had 'had enough'.  
She used her creativity to adapt to our surroundings and picnic style theme. 
She used things like play equipment, swings, stone stairs and giant balloons for props and backgrounds like she had planned it for months.    
I made a lot of my own decorations and added personal touches to the set up and Shannon caught everyone of those on film.  
Shannon took all of my requests to heart and captured our day perfectly.
She even had a few "sneak peek" pictures to me before the end of the weekend!!
The rest of the photos were delivered within weeks and turned out stunning.  We have used them to create photo journals of the day and given them to all our family members.   They are now prized possessions and have places of honor on everyone's coffee tables!  :)

It was an amazing day and thanks to Shannon and her team, we will have the pictures forever to remember it by.

To have a look at just a few of the amazing pictures Shannon took on our big day check out Wedding 4 on the website!  That's us!