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Have you ever been to a wedding or heard about weddings where all that the bride and groom did was take posed pictures for hours on end with their wedding photographer?

Me too. It was MY OWN wedding. I remember thinking ... Boy! I sure wish we were at that amazing party I just spent 8 months planning instead of standing here taking more pictures.  And I am a photographer!

I vowed right then and there that I was going to be a "Fly on the Wall" photojournalist style wedding photographer. I stay out of your way. I document the real emotions, the huge laughs, the nerves, the joy and all the love that surrounds you on your wedding day.

You are fun.  You are easygoing and full of personality.
You are in love and you have found your life partner and you two can't wait to get this party started!
Whaddya say we document this awesome event with some incredible wedding pictures?

When you hire me to photograph your wedding, you will receive amazing images focused on love and laughter and emotion.   Your wedding day will be captured from beginning to end never interrupted by long stretches of time spent on "posed pictures".   

When you are my clients, you will actually spend your wedding day with your friends and family.  You will actually *gasp*  have a drink at your own cocktail reception.
You will not spend your wedding day posing for pictures with a photographer.
If this sounds like how you two would like to spend your wedding day ... go check out my wedding gallery, read the reviews and then click on the "Contact" tab so we can get this party started!