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My name is Jennifer Smart. I had the honor of having Harthen Studios
photograph my wedding.  I wanted to take a moment and thank them for an outstanding job and also give a little feed back.
Often times it is difficult to find a quality photographer for a reasonable price.   For me, this task was made twice as difficult in the sense that I had to do all of the work and searching from El Paso, TX and the wedding was in Tujunga, CA. This task was made a lot less painful by all of the useful and clear information that I found on Harthen Studios'  web site.
Not only was I able to see the quality of work this studio provided, I was allowed to view full events to get a better idea.
Shannon was flexible with what her photo packages included and was willing to work with me to make sure I was getting the package I wanted at a price I could deal with.
Shannon was very helpful, kept me informed, and worked with me to make sure that we were not only on the same page but that I was happy with everything.  The day of the wedding, I received a relaxing feeling when we pulled up to the church and we saw two photographers standing out in front of the church. That took a big load off of my mind. I didn't have to worry if and when they would get there. The two photographers split up, one with me and my girls and the other with Jim and his guys.  They jumped right in and started taking pictures of everything.  They were very professional and careful not to get in the way, but still did their job wonderfully.  When we went outside, we went to a few different locations.  Those pictures were not only fun, but they turned out beautifully.  Shannon knew how to play with and capture the light wonderfully.    
Overall, I believe that Harthen Studios did a wonderful job at my wedding.
I would definitely recommend them to my friends and family.

Jennifer Smart