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Talk about surprise and delight!  As my mom and I turned the corner to park in front of the salon to get our hair and make-up done, Shannon was already standing on the street corner with her camera aimed at us!

Shannon's extremely friendly and outgoing demeanor put not only me at ease the entire day, but everyone else that she photographed.  Both my maid of honor and I were impressed when she addressed my maid of honor by her first name before I even introduced them.  That was proof that Shannon paid attention to all of the details I provided before the wedding.

Through out the entire day, it was amazing how Harthen Studios, in their all black professional photographer attire, were so unobtrusive and just blended in with the events.  When I did happen to spot them, they were right there capturing the moment.   For example, while my dad and I waited anxiously for our turn to walk down the aisle, we chatted nervously and snuck peaks at the wedding party procession.  The whole time Shannon was busy getting the shots she needed and her second shooter discreetly took pictures of my dad and I.

Tim and I have already had a sneak peak at some of the photos from the day and love what we have seen so far.  We love the way Harthen Studios have captured the emotion of the moment and really filled the frame beautifully and artistically.  After having dabbled in photography myself, I can really appreciate the technical perfection of their photos as well as their creative and artistic touch.

Michelle & Tim Sacka