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Do you offer the high resolution digital negatives? Yes


Do you offer "packages" or do you just charge an hourly fee? I will absolutely do a customized package for you if you prefer to do that.  Most of the weddings that I shoot are 8 hours or less, but if you are nearing the 9, 10 or 11 hour mark - I will put together a package for you that makes the most sense for your wedding day coverage and try to stay within your budget as best as I can. 


Do you take any posed pictures? Or is everything "candid"?

Yes!  What would a wedding collection be without family formals?  Of course.  We just do not schedule your day with hours of picture taking time.  We will still get "posed" groups of family and friends - what ever you want.  My number one goal with wedding photography is to not stop you from doing what you want to do at your own wedding because we "still have to take more pictures".  The group formals, family formals, posed shots with friends ... we do them ... we just try to get them done in 30 minutes or less so that you don't feel like all that you did at your wedding was pose for pictures all day long.


I hate getting my picture taken.  How will you get a good picture of us on our wedding day?
I actually hate getting my picture taken too!  OK .. maybe not hate.  I think most people think that getting their picture taken is fairly awkward.  Unless you are a professional model, most people do not feel all that comfortable being photographed all day. We are not "in your face" photographers ... we are pretty laid back and we tend to blend well with your friends and family.  We don't bring attention to ourselves and we don't come with huge lighting set ups and crazy equipment.  We shoot in a documentary style and very "fly on the wall".  Almost every couple tells me that they felt as if we were just friends hanging out and that they felt extremely comfortable with us.  I try my best to make sure that you are relaxed and having fun - and that emotion will just naturally show up in your wedding pictures.


Do I need a “copyright release”? It is actually a Limited License release. The Limited License release is what you would need in order to print images at Mpix, Costco etc .. The release gives you the rights to make prints, calendars, posters, albums, coffee table books, etc. it does not give you permission to sell the images to a third party or publish the images for profit. Most places don't know that it is not called a copyright release.  You will have the right to reprint images when you want, wherever you want.  With a limited license you can not sell your images for a profit or publish your images without the written consent of Harthen Studios.  This release comes with your digital negatives.


Does it cost extra to have the images edited? No


Do I get the RAW files? No. You will receive the edited high resolution jpeg files. You can print a life sized poster from these files if you wish.


Do you offer professional retouching services of blemishes? I do – but if there is extensive retouching (not just blemishes) there is a fee. I am not a professional retoucher and you do not want me to pretend to be. I hire qualified specialists that only do retouching and nothing else. There is a flat fee charge for this service.


Do you offer albums or prints? Yes. You can order prints through an online company like or you can order directly through my website. I always include a gallery wrapped canvas with each session and 20% off of your print order if you place your order through me.


How much does an album cost? This depends on the materials you choose for your album and how many pages are in it. We can stick to a budget for sure.  You can get a really nice wedding album for under $500


What can I expect to spend on my wedding photography? This really depends on what you have planned for your wedding day. One of the major reasons why I stopped offering traditional “packages” was because there simply is not a “one size fits all package” for most people. If you are planning a wedding with 350 guests and all of the bells and whistles and traditions that come with that, then your wedding will be much longer and more involved than someone who is planning a small intimate ceremony at their favorite restaurant with a few friends and family. Typically most weddings fall within the 6-8 hour range. I will always try to work within your budget – I was a bride too once :)


What if my family/friends would like to order the images online? Is there a website they go to? Yes

This can happen one of two ways. They can "order" them  through you – you will have all of the images. If you would prefer to not be the middle man and take orders – you can send them to and they can order (for a fee) through the proofing site.  All of the print prices are listed under Pricing and then A La Carte


What is a Reveal? A Reveal is when you and your fiance have opted to see each other for the first time before the ceremony and not for the first time as you are walking down the aisle.


Why do photographers love a Reveal? Reveals are so much fun to shoot and are choreographed. You are pretty much guaranteed to get “his reaction to seeing you for the very first time in your wedding dress” and we have time to play and get creative “Alone” shots before the chaos and time crunch of the ceremony and reception start. And, if either of you have major crazy nerves – this is THE BEST thing you could do. It takes a lot of the pressure off. It actually makes for a relaxed ceremony and puts to bed that feeling of – what if I start crying uncontrollably and can't get it together when I see her/him for the first time?


Do you make all of your couples have a Reveal or is it optional? No! Totally optional. I am just documenting your day – not dictating it to you. Do what you have envisioned!


Will you come for the rehearsal dinner? If you want me there, sure :)


How many photographers come with you on the wedding day? Me and one other second shooter are ALWAYS at every wedding. Even if you have only hired me for 2 hours – there will be 2 of us there.

My second shooters are full time professional photographers that also have their own businesses. They are not assistants. They are just as qualified as I am to shoot a wedding and could do it without me. They are lead photographers with years of experience.


Do you bring any assistants? No


Do you have backup equipment? Yes


What do you wear to your weddings? All black – we try to blend in and hide as much as possible


Will my images be posted on social networking sites? Currently I do not have a Facebook page. I have a love hate relationship with Facebook that I am working through. I will post images on my site and I am possibly going to start blogging – don't quote me on that. Usually your images are only seen by you or future brides that are interested in seeing full weddings from beginning to end. I will ALWAYS ask for your permission before letting a stranger view your full wedding.


Is an engagement session included in any of your packages? No. But we can plan one


What forms of payment do you accept? Cash, Check and Credit Cards through PayPal


Can you hold my date for me? Not with out a retainer and signed contract.


How much is the retainer to book my date? Half of the final agreed upon price


When is the remaining amount due for the wedding? 2 weeks before the wedding day


Do you offer a military discount? 10% discount for military members


Do you offer payment plan options? There is a payment plan option through PayPal


If we would like to have several locations for the bride/groom & bridal party photos, do you charge for each additional location on the wedding day? No


How far in advance do I need to book? I am usually booked about one year in advance – but just email me your date and I can check :)


Can we meet before I book? Of course!


How would you describe your wedding shooting style? Fly on the Wall


How long have you been shooting weddings, and how many per year? I started shooting weddings full time in 2003. When I lived in California I shot all of the time – even in the middle of the winter. Now that I am back in Michigan my season runs April – October with a few winter weddings thrown in for fun :) I shoot about 2-3 weddings per month.


Do you use flash for any of your photography? Yes


Are you a member of any professional photographer organizations? Yes! I am a member or PPA, WPJA, AGWPJA, ISPWP you can Google them :)


What happens if my wedding gets canceled, or I need to change the date after I’ve booked? I will try everything in my power to accommodate your situation. If I am available on your new date – perfect! We just change the date in the contract and carry on. If I am not, I will see if one of my second shooters is available on your new date. (Remember they are professionals in their own right, so they can shoot your wedding amazingly.) If for whatever reason it does not work out, and there is still plenty of time for another bride to secure your old wedding date with me and in fact a new couple is interested in booking me on that date and they do, then you will be refunded the amount of your retainer. In the event that your old wedding date does not get re-booked you will have a credit with me for whatever photography needs you will have in the future. Babies? Family? Headshots? Whatever.

If I have to cancel for some reason – and this has never happened – I would give you the option of having my second shooter shoot your wedding, or refund you the entire amount of your retainer.


Do you work with any specific vendors? I have a list of vendors I recommend and work well with


How long before I receive my photos after my wedding? Usually 4-6 weeks


How many photos should I expect from my wedding day? Again this depends on how many hours I am hired to shoot and how much you have going on. If you have a lot of things happening through the day there will be a lot more pictures. It usually works out to be about 100 images an hour for some reason … sometimes more, sometimes less.


Can I order a wedding album? Yes! Of course! And they are beautiful! I stopped including them when I stopped doing traditional packages. I found that it was much easier for most of my couples to decide if they were interested in an album after their wedding … after they saw the pictures … and after they made some money at their reception :)


Do you offer videography? I do not – but I work with some great people that do and can get you some recommendations


Do you offer live photo booths? We can do a version of a photo booth if you are interested. It is more of a backdrop not a booth but just as much fun!


Do you offer save the date/thank you cards? Yes


Does it cost extra for black & whites and adding a vintage look to my photos? No


What will you do if something happens to my wedding photos? I have backups to the backups. I shoot with a professional photographer as a second shooter that also gets all of the important main shots and has his/her own backup as well. I copy your images to a drive before I leave the venue and then back up to dropbox right when I get home. I have never had any issues with a corrupt card – but there is software available in that rare case.


Do you shoot with film or digital? Digital